An objective entrepreneur; a resourceful decision maker; and an analytic strategist. A black-and-white digital photography enthusiast and technology evangelist with passion for craftsmanship. This would be my short description of who I am and what drives me. You’ll find poems, thoughts, and, most of all, photographs here.

For me, photography is a medium where stories  and imagination build new dimensions. Through the past several years, I have taken numerous photographs of various subjects (architecture, macro, landscape, etc.) but by far the ones I’ve enjoyed the most are black-and-white street photography. The unique slice of time that one sees in that singular moment is like a parallel universe that just momentarily merges with the one we exist in. That’s what makes the photographer press the shutter. 

Why “imperfiction” and what does it mean?

Playing with the words, Imperfiction makes reference to the word “fiction” – the inspiration and the product of this blog. Each story is about a person, a place, a feeling that inspired the perfume ingredient/ the aperture/ the forwarded video/ etc. Each new post becomes an association and a reflection of reality – hence fiction. But it is still an illusion – it is imperfect, it is skewed through my glass, through my nose, through my online clicks. It is an imperfect reality if you want.