VDAY 2010

It has been 6 years since I saw the Vagina Monologues for the first time. Each performance, infused with enthusiasm, realism and growth, has been different from the one before and after. Classic monologues are classic for a reason – they are interpreted again and again and again – but this interpretation makes them different every time. I had a teacher in high school who kept re-reading “War and Peace” over and over and over again claiming that she discovers new treasures in it every time – because every new reading is interpreted through the eyes of an already shaped past. These repetitions are no longer repetitions – they have become an affirmation. Or even better – they are a code – that code that they talked about in “The Secret” (don’t quote me on this – it is not that simple).

Three years down the road, guys were allowed to take part and new monologues were written to satisfy this gap. And off I jumped and haven’t looked back. Third year in a row, tomorrow the adventure starts anew. The past few weeks I listened to each of the monologues over and over trying to decipher the code, to get to the bottom of it, to boil the message down to a minimum and to synthesize it – in a single frame on a digital sensor. This would not have been possible if the women who posed did not actually feel the monologues in their souls: they channelled their emotions, their channelled every woman’s emotion, they channelled every human beings emotion, they channelled the emotion of the human race. I bring them to you here – frame by frame, a gamut of passion, a frame of human history.