July Vacation Last Days – of Emotional and Altitudinal Highs

Friday, 22nd July – clear skies, fresh air, cool summer temperatures, herbs in purple, cold water. 07:55 – morning sunshine in Sofia, group gathers together. On the road. Till 09:55 or so. Vihren Mountain Hut our starting point. Step by step, up and up, kilometer by kilometer, breath after breath. 10:39 I see the peak and in front of it a flower – yellow, leaves, a pyramid; the peak is still a fog away. 11:13 I see a stone with orange moss – not red like blood, but orange like fire. 11:31 the peek feels further away – like a goal that takes a lifetime to accomplish. 11:47 wind comes over as a warning – almost stealing my scarf, my protection, my astrological map. 11:55 last bits of vegetation are left behind and only rocks remain in front – a pyramid of rocks, of marble, unpolished and raw – like debris. People left their mark – arranging stones in shapes and words etching white on green. 12:05 dark clouds try to scare. 12:30 we are there on the top. Joyous of the conquest of peak Vihren, joyous of our dear cousin nailing great results in university examination. 13:45 we go down – an hour sunshine, fruit and honey is enough. 15:28 we are down ready for a break drinking water like a whale adding honey like a bee.

Two sisters, like two drops
My crazy group of mountaineers - I am proud of them