Project Silhouettes

Today, Time Magazine Light Box featured a reflection on the calendar year with a series of 357 photographs of silhouettes. I felt particularly inspired myself by some of them and reviewed my street photography gallery to identify my silhouettes. Over the years, I've shot a considerable number of them but few really managed to stick transcending the moment and the location, whether it will be a mischiveous group of 20-year olds enjoying the late September sunshine at the lake, or the treasured autumnal sunshine of Berlin or the hot summer sun of Frankfurt refreshing from the fountain water, they all come together as a sharp cutout of their everyday reality.

2011-09-16 at 16-26-20, street.jpg
2011-10-15 at 16-03-47, street.jpg
2011-10-15 at 16-41-55, street.jpg
2012-05-26 at 16-22-05, street.jpg